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I am trying to convert a large number of HTML files into Markdown using Pandoc in Windows, and have found an answer on how to do this on a Mac, but receive errors when attempting to run the following in Windows PowerShell.

find . -name \*.md -type f -exec pandoc -o {}.txt {} \;

Can someone help me translate this to work in Windows?

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to convert files in folders recursively try this (Windows prompt command line):

for /r "startfolder" %i in (*.htm *.html) do pandoc -f html -t markdown "%~fi" -o "%~dpni.txt"

For use in a batch file double the %.

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Thanks for your answer! I received a similar error to what I received with the Mac code: Missing opening '(' after keyword 'for'. –  christopherritter Jun 18 '13 at 0:10
This might have been a noob problem, but I've noticed a difference in how the code runs on Command Prompt vs. PowerShell. Here's the line of code that worked for me in Command Prompt: for %i in (*.html) do pandoc -f html -t markdown %~ni.html > md/%~ni.md –  christopherritter Jun 18 '13 at 1:04

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