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I am extremely new to MySQL and am running it on Windows. I am trying to restore a Database from a dumpfile in MySQL, but I get the following error:

$ >mysql -u root -p -h localhost -D database -o < dump.sql
ERROR: ASCII '\0' appeared in the statement, but this is not allowed unless option --binary-mode is enabled and mysql is run in non-interactive mode. Set --binary-mode to 1 if ASCII '\0' is expected. Query: 'SQLite format 3'.

I have tried putting --binary-mode in the ini file but it still gives the same error. What should I do? Please help.


As suggested by Nick in his comment I tried $ > mysql -u root -p -h localhost -D database --binary-mode -o < dump.sql but it gave me the following ERROR at line 1: Unknown command '\☻'. It is a 500 Mb dump file, and when I view its contents using gVIM, all I can see is expressions and data which is not comprehensible.

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mysql -u root -p -h localhost -D database --binary-mode -o < dump.sql –  Nick Jun 17 '13 at 23:17
That gives ERROR at line 1: Unknown command '\☻'. –  user1434997 Jun 17 '13 at 23:22

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I meet the same problem in windows restoring a dump file. My dump file was created with windows powershell and mysqldump like:

mysqldump db > dump.sql

The problem comes from the default encoding of powershell is UTF16. To look deeper into this, we can use "file" utility of GNU, and there exists a windows version here.
The output of my dump file is:

Little-endian UTF-16 Unicode text, with very long lines, with CRLF line terminators.

Then a conversion of coding system is needed, and there are various software can do this. For example in emacs,

M-x set-buffer-file-coding-system

then input required coding system such as utf-8.

And in the future, for a better mysqldump result, use:

mysqldump <dbname> -r <filename>

and then the output is handled by mysqldump itself but not redirection of powershell.


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Unzip the file, and then import again.

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genius. Thank you! –  klm123 Mar 4 at 18:26
love u. thanks! –  huan son Aug 8 at 0:18

May be your dump.sql is having garbage character in beginning of your file or there is a blank line in beginning.

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Have you tried opening in notepad++ (or another editor) and converting/saving us to UTF-8?

See: notepad++ converting ansi encoded file to utf-8

Another option may be to use textwrangle to open and save the file as UTF-8:

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Its must you file dump.sql problem.Use Sequel Pro check your file ecoding.It should be garbage characters in your dump.sql.

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I had the same problem, but found out that the dump file was actually a MSSQL Server backup, not MySQL.

Sometimes legacy backup files play tricks on us. Check your dump file.

On terminal window:

~$ cat mybackup.dmp 

The result was:

TAPE??G?"5,^}???Microsoft SQL ServerSPAD^LSFMB8..... etc...

To stop processing the cat command:

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