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I use stackoverflow often so thanks to all who contribute - its been very helpful.

I am not an avid programmer and use jquery at its most basic level. I hope someone can help.

I would like to dynamically change the href url of '.nexttab' controls so that the user can move onto the next html page.

The below is my (juvenile) code.

$(function() {
    $(".nexttab").click(function() {
        var selected = $("#tabs").tabs("option", "selected");   
        $("#tabs").tabs("option", "selected", selected + 1);

        var href = $(this).attr('href');
        var lasttab = $(this).ui.panel('id');
        if(lasttab == 'tabs-7'){
         $('.nexttab').attr('href', href.replace('#','http://google.com.au'));
    $(".prevtab").click(function() {
        var selected = $("#tabs").tabs("option", "selected");   
        $("#tabs").tabs("option", "selected", selected - 1);


html is here

<div id="control-arrows">
<a href="#" class="prevtab control-arrow-left">< Back</a> | <a href="#" class="nexttab control-arrow-right">Continue ></a>

How can I identify the correct panel or tab (which is always the last) and then make the url change ?

Thank you, Sarah

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