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I'm having hard time getting the selected value of dropdown list using Knockout JS



     <select id="l" data-bind="options: locations, value=selectedLocation"></select>
     <select id="j" data-bind="options: jobTypes, value=selectedJobType"></select>
     <button data-bind="click: myFunction"> Display </button>


       var viewModel = {
            locations: ko.observableArray(['All Locations', 'Sydney', 'Melbourne', 'Brisbane', 'Darwin', 'Perth', 'Adelaide']),
            selectedLocation: ko.observable(),

            jobTypes: ko.observableArray(['All Vacancies', 'Administration', 'Engineering', 'Legal', 'Sales', 'Accounting']),
            selectedJobType: ko.observable(),

            myFunction: function() {
                alert(selectedJobType + ' ' +selectedLocation );
        // ... then later ...
        // Adds another option
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That should be




in you bindings. Bindings use the same syntax as an object literal.

Also, in your alert, you need viewModel.selectedJobType(), because (a) it's a property of viewModel not of global and (b) it's an observable so you need to call it to get the value. Same for selectedLocation.

Here's a working fiddle

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God, how stupid of me.... Thanks!!!!!!! – lincx Jun 18 '13 at 5:46

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