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I met a strange kernel panic. I couldn't get enough useful information from it. The stack was corrupt.

[2013-06-17 10:26:35.366]:WARNING: at lib/list_debug.c:51 list_del+0x8d/0xa0() (Tainted: P         C ---------------- )
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.366]:Hardware name: xxx
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.366]:list_del corruption. next->prev should be ffff8801d5135000, but was ffff880100117000
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.384]:Modules linked in: ...[last unloaded: ...]
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.404]:Pid: 17, comm: events/1 Tainted: P         C ---------------- #1
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.404]:Call Trace:
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.421]: [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p> [<5p>
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.421]:---[ end trace 88868a87d520a6a0 ]---
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.421]:BUpaging request at ffffffffffffff89
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.421]:IP: [<5p>PGD 1003067 PUD 1004067 PMD 0 
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.421]:=0>%PREEMPT SMP 
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.421]:last sysfs file: ...
[2013-06-17 10:26:35.421]:CPU 1 

The list was corrupt. And the call trace showed special characters such as [<5p>. Are there any clues from it? The kernel version is 2.6.32.

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Are you modifying kernel code or developing a kernel module? If so please give us some context for how this is programming-related. –  John Kugelman Jun 18 '13 at 3:09
All those xxx and ... would have been clues. Now, there's no information left. –  CL. Jun 18 '13 at 14:07

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