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My goal is to apply a knockout required validator on an input that is part of a collection on a viewmodel and made visible inside a foreach binding. Here's what I have so far - errors always evals to 0, not sure where I'm going wrong here.

   var vm = {

    myCollection: myCollection,  <-- im binding the foreach onto this property, and consists of a collection of Items

    submit: function () {
        if (vm.errors().length == 0) {
            alert('Thank you.');   <-- errors is always 0
        } else {
            app.showMessage('There were some errors...', '');

 var Item = function (data) {

        self.name = ko.observable().extend({ required: true });


vm["errors"] = ko.validation.group(vm);

<div data-bind="foreach: myCollection">
<input type="text" 
data-bind="value: name,
validationOptions: {errorElementClass: 'input-validation-error' }" />

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A rare fix from me..

Added this to the Item model,

    self["itemerrors"] = ko.validation.group(self);

then walked the array in the submit method of the vm

     ko.utils.arrayForEach(vm.mycollection(), function (name) {

works a treat

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Or configure the group do be deep and then self.errors.showAllMessages(); on the parent –  Anders Jun 18 '13 at 6:52
I'll try that, do you configure deep when you do the applyBinding? –  MikeW Jun 19 '13 at 12:53
Its a configure of the validation lib github.com/Knockout-Contrib/Knockout-Validation/wiki/… –  Anders Jun 19 '13 at 13:16

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