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We render SSRS reports in ASP.NET forms using Report Viewer control (Remote Mode). The report renders fine in IE6 + but it does not render the following elements in Google Chrome.

  1. Date Picker does not show up in the Parameter prompt

  2. Tool Bar is distorted and does not show zoom, print and find options.

Can anyone throw pointers on the cross-browser compatibility of Report Viewer control (V 8.0) otherwise we will have to do parameter capturing in ASPX itself

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My understanding is that the Report Viewer control is only compatible with IE6,7,8.

This page elaborates on it a bit but many of the features are only compatible with IE:

Also, a workaround for the Chrome distortion issues can be found here:

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It works in Firefox – Pierre de LESPINAY Dec 19 '12 at 16:41

Thanks Brendan. I found that through MSDN site ( about the compatability issues.

But for Chrome distortion, i tried the suggestion mentioned in the mazsoft site. but i have not been successful so far. i will keep trying and looking for other options.

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