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xUnit offers so many appealing features comparing to NUnit but its GUI runner is so poor that it's pain to use it: no tree visualization, theory tests are represented by a single list entry, no remembering last test run, etc. For long time I hoped 2.0 will solve it but it's still in alpha :( I'm on VS 2010 so cannot try new test explorer of VS 2012 and looking for alternatives. So what do you use to run xUnit tests?

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Go to 2012/2013/2015. Fight if necessary. Its Just so much faster and the xUnit runner is perfect (come quibbles on UX but bulletproof). The CodeRush runner support is getting there but put the money towards a VS update.

Also have a look on the forum - they're ruling out a 2.0 GUI runner as part of the core offering.

Bottom line is GUI users should and do stop using the GUI if they use VS and try the plugin.

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I use ReSharper to run my unit tests. It has a plugin that allows it to run xUnit tests as well.

The only problem with ReSharper is that it is a commercial product, but it is well worth the money!

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With VS2010 - You can try this but there are limitations as mentioned in my comments


Few limitations with this extension, but it covers the immediate needs. I personally like it. xUnit devs use third party runners such as TestDriven.NET / R# to run tests within VS. But if xUnit has an integrated VS2010 runner, then lot of developers will start using xUnit. Which also mean better Unit Tests.

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