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I have to call a method that needs two parameters begin date and end date and my end date is exactly one month after the begin date. I used this:

mymethod(startDate.toDate(), startDate.plusMonths(1));

but I got this error:

the method mymethod(Date, Date) is not applicable for the arguments (Date, DateTime)

Any idea how can I fix it?

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mymethod(startDate.toDate(), startDate.plusMonths(1));

should be:

mymethod(startDate.toDate(), startDate.plusMonths(1).toDate());
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Awesome. Thanks a lot. I will accept your solution as soon as I get the permission. – VTT Jun 18 '13 at 5:16

The method mymethod() seems to be declared with the datatypes Date as:

mymethod(Date, Date)

while the joda time method plusMonths returns a value of type DateTime.

You can either change your method to work with DateTime or change the DateTime to Date after adding one month using the toDate() function.

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