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I want to find the hardware codec codec of tegra 3 in android source code(4.1). In the source code I found

// /androidos/android4.1/frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/omx
void OMXMaster::addVendorPlugin() {

void OMXMaster::addPlugin(const char *libname) {
    mVendorLibHandle = dlopen(libname, RTLD_NOW);

    // some code

    if (createOMXPlugin) {

void OMXMaster::addPlugin(OMXPluginBase *plugin) {
    // some code
    while ((err = plugin->enumerateComponents(
                    name, sizeof(name), index++)) == OMX_ErrorNone) {
        String8 name8(name);

        if (mPluginByComponentName.indexOfKey(name8) >= 0) {
            ALOGE("A component of name '%s' already exists, ignoring this one.",


        mPluginByComponentName.add(name8, plugin);

    // some code

So, the android OS will load libstagefrighthw.so when need to encode/decode video with hardware. Since tegre 3 support h.264 hareware codec ( link ), I want to find the code in the android OS. But I only find qcom and TI's code.

Does anyone can help point out where to find the tegra 3 hardware codec code?

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It's almost certainly shipped as a 'blob' - a binary only library. Unless you have an NDA with nVidia that is. –  marko Jun 18 '13 at 8:35
@Marko thanks for your comment. Sorry that I didn't describe my question well. I just want to know where is the makefile that builds the libstagefrighthw.so. For example, for omap3 platform, the Android.mk is located in /androidOS/Android4.1/hardware/ti/omap3/libstagefrighthw. –  pyrisn Jun 19 '13 at 2:04
Well, I wrote an example according to "Acodec.cpp" in /androidOS/Android4.1/frameworks/av/media/libstraight. It can work, but the decoding has a high latency(about 2~4 seconds for 640x480 resolution). –  pyrisn Jul 13 '13 at 1:11

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The libstagefrighthw library is simply "glue" code that patches vendor proprietary media framework with libstagefright framework within Android. This approach is used to implement hardware specific custom codecs.

The qcom, ti code you see, is the one that got sync-ed into the "mainline" Android repository quite sometime back. For tegra-specific code, you will need to get your hands on a proper Tegra development repository. (This maybe?)

You may also want to checkout the Tegra3 libstagefrighthw code within the CM 10.2 repo.

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