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Code for parent-div dialog:

                    title: 'Parent',
                    width: parseInt(100, 100),
                    height: parseInt(190, 10),
                    modal: true,
                    buttons: [
                                    text: "Cancel",
                                    click: function () {
                                    text: "Save",
                                    click: function () {

Code for child-div dialog:

<div id="child-div"></div>

How to insert child div into parent div in Jquery Dialog along with buttons save and cancel which are already added ?

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or if you want child-div to be the first element


You could string this together with your dialog call like so:

    // your options
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You can try the following:

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Try using appendChild() in javascript.

var childDiv = document.getElementById("child-div");

Check this JSFiddle

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