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I intend to put/get file to/from an iRODS server. iRODS provides well documented JAVA and PHP APIs, however I'm looking for a C/C++ library providing such functions.

Are there libraries or examples of code I could use ?

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I asked basically the same thing on the iRODS mailing list, so the thread might be interesting for you. – Samuel Lampa Sep 11 '15 at 9:54

Not exactly what you've requested, but you might be interested in Baton, which uses the iRODS C API, and has had a lot of work put into it, so you might be able to use it as-is, depending on your use case, rather than writing your own from scratch. Failing that, it provides a lot of examples of using the API.

If you have reasons that you must write your own, then in 4.x the the iRODS docs for the C API are much improved from the earlier 3.3.1 code path.

Good luck and do try the mailing list as a previous commenter mentioned - the developers respond often.

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