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I have some series of taks running on grunt when

a. I call them manually

b. Within a "watch" task

I need to "catch" if one of these tasks are failed and need to run another "recover" task. How can I do this? Is there an event I can listen?

Why I wan't to do this?

If task fails, I wan't to clear all build directory and create a "fail info" file, so I will be aware of, tasks is failed, without looking grunt console, right from browser.

(I am using grunt in sbt console like this, in Play Framework 2.0)

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you could use the grunt-contrib-clean-task register an alias task, and run that with the --force option, so that your clean task is run no matter what:

// run with $ grunt your-alias-task-name
grunt.registerTask('your-alias-task-name', ['your-task', 'clean']);

if you dont just want to clean, search for a task who does what needs to be done on recovery, or code that task by yourself!

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I want my "recover" task to run if and only if any of the tasks fail. If all tasks runs without problem then recover task shouldn't run. Because of that I believe I can't use the --force. –  Umut Benzer Jun 18 '13 at 11:22

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