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on the thread tool for detecting commented-out code, there is sonar referred for checking commented-out code. However, with version 3.4.1, I didn't find any such details. Does anybody have any idea ? Any other tool to find commented-out code in java project.

I just found that there is one rule "Avoid commented-out lines of code" available in Findbug rules added by default in Sonar. This will help in finding out commented-out code. However, it will be part of violations and not as separate statistic like Duplicate and comment % etc.

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Sonar knows how to find commented-out lines of code, and this is active by default for Java. To hunt commented-out lines of code, you should make sure that the "Avoid commented-out lines of code" rule is activated in the profie you're using.

A few versions ago, Sonar used to feed a "commented-out LOCs" metric, but we stopped doing this (see SONAR-3093). Indeed, this mechanism produces false-positives, and it is not possible to modify a measure once it's computed. Instead, we added the "Avoid commented-out lines of code" rule that produces violations which can be flagged as false-positives if needed.

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Hi Fabrice, This is exactly what I am not able to see on my sonar dashboard. I have under Comments sections "lines","docu. API" & "undocu. API" but not "commented LOCs". Could it be because there are no commented code in my project (I will verify with the sonar rule) or do I miss any specific settings to get it? –  helper Jun 18 '13 at 9:55
With Sonar rule "Avoid commented-out lines of code", found many commented-out code. So now why is "commened LOCs" are not showing any value? ? Any possibility of any specific configuration or plugin missing? –  helper Jun 18 '13 at 10:54
I updated my answer (I forgot that we do not compute this metric any longer => the one that can be seen on our public Sonar instance is due to a project that hasn't been re-analysed for quite some time). –  Fabrice - SonarQube Team Jun 18 '13 at 11:32

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