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I'm running an error very similar with this one: Facebook Login API HTTPS Issue.

I have a website use facebook authentication, the Facebook login is no problem. But the Facebook like-button get troubled when been clicked (test fail on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, in OSX), the error message is:

Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a 
frame with origin "".  The frame requesting 
access has a protocol of "https", the frame being accessed has a protocol
of "http". Protocols must match.

I've searched all over and find no solutions.

It seems like that when the like-button is clicked, it pop out a frame from callback and trying to request thus cause protocol mismatch?!

Here's what I put right after <body> tag

<div id="fb-root"></div>
  window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
    // init the FB JS SDK
      appId      : 'appid',                        // App ID from the app dashboard
      channelUrl : '//mydomain/channel.html',        // Channel file for x-domain comms
      status     : true,                                 // Check Facebook Login status
      xfbml      : true                                  // Look for social plugins on the page

    // Additional initialization code such as adding Event Listeners goes here

  // Load the SDK asynchronously
  (function(d, s, id){
     var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
     if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
     js = d.createElement(s); = id;
     js.src = "//";
     fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
   }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

and the channel file at http://mydomain/channel

<script src="//"></script>

and here's how I use the like-button

<div class="fb-like" data-href=url data-send="true" data-width="450"

Really needs help, please!

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have you tried to add the protocol to the script src? – Mangiucugna Aug 10 '13 at 10:03
if you are using // instead of http or https it suppose to trigger request with the protocol match the browser protocol, make sure all your code urls are starting with just // e.g src="//" – talsibony Aug 22 '13 at 5:33
Have you tried iframe version of like button ? – Jacob Aug 29 '13 at 22:00
Are you seeing any other problems or just a message in console? – J Starr Oct 17 '13 at 18:21

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In your first script tag you can tell Facebook explicitly to use HTTPS...

Add the line:

FB._https = (window.location.protocol == "https:");

Add it before the FB.init function call, just below or in place of the comment:

// init the FB JS SDK

This will ensure that Facebook's servers load any required libraries their end over https.

Hope this helps.

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You must be the holy savior. This problem still exists, but thanks to you it has gone away ! – Zh4rsiest Jul 16 at 7:01
Ha - happy to help, sad to hear this is still an issue nearly 2 years later. Glad I don't do much FB dev any more! – steve Jul 19 at 22:50

Reviewing the js code on Facebook there are multiple urls containing hard coded strings for

http://static .../rsrc.php 

it's possible those are the files triggering the error.

This may be something Facebook needs to update.

On a side note, it may be possible to download that js file from Facebook and store it on your server and remove the hard coded http string. I would test this further but I am on my phone at the moment.

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