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I want to do Performance Monitoring in my project,and i didn't want to add trace code in every function.

I want to do like(auto trace):

  public class ManagerBase
        public void Trace()
            //trace begin
            //trace end
            //i want get stacktrace in Manager.DoSth and every method's execution time

        protected virtual void DoSth(){}

    public class Manager : ManagerBase
        protected override void DoSth()

        private void Function1() { }
        private void Function2() { }
        private void Function3() { }

So,how can i do,thank you!

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This isn't something C# can do on its own (run specified code at the start and end of a method w/o manually writing those lines of code) unless you use re-compiler/weaver, AKA aspect oriented programming. That is normally done with 3rd party tools. You can get the boiler plate down to 1 line of code & 2 backets if you wrap the method body in a using statement where the relevant code runs in a constructor and in the dispose statement. –  MatthewMartin Jun 18 '13 at 12:02
thank you MatthewMartin,does 3rd party tools like "dottrace" use hook or something? –  jack lee Jun 19 '13 at 2:02

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