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I have a cron line for running a command each first Sunday of the month, which looks like this:

0 19 1-7 * 0

Day= 1st to 7th
* = any month
0 = first day of the week (Sunday)

However, I had the surprise has run last Sunday (16th of June). Can anyone explain why my cron line is mistaken?

As an alternative, according to a wiki page, it is possible to use the "#" character to: "allow you to specify constructs such as "the second Friday" of a given month" . Is there an example available as how to use this to fit "the first Sunday of a given month"?

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try this

0 0 1 ? 1/1 SUN#1 *

it will run at 1 PM every first sunday of month

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I think you added an extra 0 in the beginning. What does 1/1 mean? Thanks! – Madrugada Jun 18 '13 at 9:16

Your script will run at 19, the first seven days of each month (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) AND every Sunday.

This should works in your case:

0 19 1-7 * Sun [ "$(date '+\%a')" == "Sun" ] && /some/command
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