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How do I match French and Russian Cyrillic alphabet characters with a regular expression? I only want to do the alpha characters, no numbers or special characters. Right now I have


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It depends on your regex flavor. If it supports Unicode character classes (like .NET, for instance), \p{L} matches a letter character (in any character set).

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Thanks for your help! –  Greg ''Wildman'' Finzer Nov 11 '09 at 21:53

To match russian characters you need this regex [\p{IsCyrillic}]

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This thread explains that stackoverflow.com/questions/7926514/… –  Dmitry Pavlov Jan 16 '13 at 10:12

Look in this question: Regex and unicode

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Various regex dialects use [:alpha:] for any alphanumeric character in the current locale. (You may need to put that in a character class, e.g. [[:alpha:]].)

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If you use modern PHP version - just:


Don't forget the u flag for unicode support!

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