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In Perforce P4V I have a file in a pending changelist. I want to revert the contents of the file but keep the file in the changelist. How can I do that?

I tried Perforce's revert command but that removes the file from the changelist.

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The only way to accomplish this (short of copy/pasting the original contents back into this file, but that seems silly) is to revert and reopen it. Shelving, by itself, does not revert the file. The concept of "shelve and revert" is still two operations.

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I don't believe this can be done, even from the command line, since p4 sync (even with -f) explicitly excludes operations on open files.

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The feature you're looking for is shelving. This will revert the file, but keep a shelved version in the changelist, which you (or someone else on a different client) can unshelve later.

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This is not readily possible, as other respondents noted.

If you are okay with a multi-step solution, you could

  1. Right-click the file in the changelist and choose "diff against have revision".
  2. In the diff window, under "Edit" choose "Edit right/left pane" (whichever side yours is on).
  3. Copy the contents of the original and paste them over your edited workspace version
  4. Save the file.

Your file now has no changes, and it is checked out in the same changelist.

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