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id like to make an editor similar to OmniGraffle. Basic functionality: 1) add objects 2) live resize objects 3) per object context menu 4) ability to connect objects with a curve so dragging one object would constantly redraw connected curve

Is there any open source libs for that? If not, how do i make my own? Each object should be represented by a layer or it has to be drawn using CG or maybe i'll need display link. Please advice

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To start with, you can refer the Sketch example from Apple Developer Examples.With Mac OS 10.6.x, it is available in the folder /Developer/Examples

This example has basic events handling like drawing on mouse Down etc .

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tnx for a tip. How can i animate object placement on a such field? –  Aleksey Mazurenko Jun 18 '13 at 12:16

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