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I recently implemented Authlogic to my project for authentication. I followed http://railscasts.com/episodes/160-authlogic and had it up and running. Wanting to add email confirmation, I found this and followed it: http://github.com/matthooks/authlogic-activation-tutorial

Now, when I try to sign up I get a method missing 'login=' for User model. The example doesn't mention anything about a login method, nor did I have one before.

Here is my user model: http://pastie.org/693910

Any ideas?

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Make sure you have the perishable_token string column in your users database table.

Authlogic needs this column not only for reset_perishable_token! but also for the find_using_perishable_token method

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Bingo...figured this out the hard way :| –  MrCheetoDust Nov 15 '09 at 0:28
Why do people say that? Just say "Thanks!" and move on. He took the time to answer your question, that should be enough to warrant a thanks. :P –  Volte Jul 7 '12 at 13:17

Railscasts uses "username"; Matt uses "login".

Change his "login" to "username" and you're done.

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Good catch, that got me passed that problem. Now it creates a user, BUT I'm getting another undefined method `reset_perishable_token!'. Not sure how is...I thought it was a method of authlogic? Thanks. –  MrCheetoDust Nov 11 '09 at 17:43

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