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I have a problem with my Makefile. I downloaded opensource Qt project. Hence, when I try to compile it I got a message:" error: No rule to make target needed by stop." In my .pro file I have relative paths to *.cpp files. So when I replace relative paths to absolute it works, another case it got me with the error above. System is Linux

What should I do to do this work with the relative paths? Thanks in advance.

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I would use QtCreator, opening the project and then adding one the misplaced source (say the first you see in .pro).

It should place it with the correct relative path, as appropriate. After that cut'n'paste all over the remaining places.

Anyway, the paths should be relative to the directory where you find the .pro. An example from an opensource project I'm using (QZXIng, a Qt port of ZXing):

SOURCES += CameraImageWrapper.cpp \
    QZXing.cpp \
    imagehandler.cpp \
    zxing/ResultPointCallback.cpp \
    zxing/ResultPoint.cpp \
    zxing/Result.cpp \

then you try to could the .pro file where appropriate instead of changing relative paths...


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I found answer, I had to turn off option "Shadow" in Build Settings of Qt Creator. Thks anyway! –  Robert Jun 19 '13 at 13:14

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