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I have a PHP form that adds data to a MySQL DB, I now have to convert that PHP code so that it will work on a MSSQL DB. PHP is running fine on the server.

Here's what I have so far, basically I changed everything that WAS mysql_ to mssql_ but it's not working. I have a line that I'm not showing that calls a config file that connects to the DB as well, I'm also not showing the HTML form unless you need it.

        if (isset($_POST['vendor_id'])) { //Check for a field that is mandatory to do the inserted
        $vendor = mssql_escape_string($_POST['vendor_id']);
        $name = mssql_escape_string($_POST['name_id']);
        $version = mssql_escape_string($_POST['version']);
        $serial = (!empty($_POST['serial'])) ? $_POST['serial'] : 'NULL';
        $productkey = (!empty($_POST['productkey'])) ? $_POST['productkey'] : 'NULL';
        $department = mssql_escape_string($_POST['department']);
        $owner = mssql_escape_string($_POST['owner']);
        $computer = (!empty($_POST['computer'])) ? $_POST['computer'] : 'NULL';
        $comments = (!empty($_POST['comments'])) ? $_POST['comments'] : 'NULL';
        $acquired = (!empty($_POST['acquired'])) ? $_POST['acquired'] : 'NULL';
        $retired = mssql_escape_string($_POST['retired']);
    $sql = "INSERT INTO dbo.keylist_detail (vendor_id,name_id,version,Serial,ProductKey,department_ID,owner,computer,Comments,acquired,retired)
            VALUES (''$vendor','$name','$version',$serial','$productkey','$department','$owner','$computer','$comments','$acquired','$retired'')";
    if (mssql_query($sql)) {
        echo '<strong><em>Your data has been submitted</em></strong><br /><br />';
            } else {
        echo '<p>Error adding submitted info: ' . mssql_error(). '</p>';
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Use PDO instead, much easier when changing database drivers/types. – silkfire Jun 18 '13 at 11:54
Can you be more specific? I don't know much about MSSQL. – James Jun 18 '13 at 12:01
Are there any errors in your error log? FYI your question will be bumped up if you edit the question with more information. Please edit with errors from your error log. – Joe Frambach Jun 21 '13 at 18:21

You seem to have too many '. Here:


and here:

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I took out the extra quotes and I have the same problem. – James Jun 18 '13 at 16:18
Bumping my question.. Thanks! – James Jun 21 '13 at 18:16

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