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I’m using Distel for my erlang development but the function that is used for completion is printing its output in an ibuffer. I would like to get it in the minibuffer with ido support instead, does anyone know of a way to do it?

Here is the code:

(defun erl-complete (node)
  "Complete the module or remote function name at point."
  (interactive (list (erl-target-node)))
  (let ((win (get-buffer-window "*Completions*" 0)))
    (if win (with-selected-window win (bury-buffer))))
  (let ((end (point))
    (beg (ignore-errors 
           (save-excursion (backward-sexp 1)
                   ;; FIXME: see erl-goto-end-of-call-name
                   (when (eql (char-before) ?:)
                 (backward-sexp 1))
    (when beg
      (let* ((str (buffer-substring-no-properties beg end))
         (buf (current-buffer))
         (continuing (equal last-command (cons 'erl-complete str))))
    (setq this-command (cons 'erl-complete str))
    (if (string-match "^\\(.*\\):\\(.*\\)$" str)
        ;; completing function in module:function
        (let ((mod (intern (match-string 1 str)))
          (pref (match-string 2 str))
          (beg (+ beg (match-beginning 2))))
        (erl-send-rpc node 'distel 'functions (list mod pref))
        (&erl-receive-completions "function" beg end pref buf
      ;; completing just a module
        (erl-send-rpc node 'distel 'modules (list str))
        (&erl-receive-completions "module" beg end str buf continuing

(defun &erl-receive-completions (what beg end prefix buf continuing sole)
  (let ((state (erl-async-state buf)))
    (erl-receive (what state beg end prefix buf continuing sole)
    ((['rex ['ok completions]]
      (when (equal state (erl-async-state buf))
        (with-current-buffer buf
          (erl-complete-thing what continuing beg end prefix
                  completions sole))))
     (['rex ['error reason]]
      (message "Error: %s" reason))
      (message "Unexpected reply: %S" other))))))
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I don't quite understand. You're talking about doing completion in the minibuffer, but the code you show seems to be about doing completion "in buffer". So I think you want to setup a completion-at-point-functions. –  Stefan Jun 18 '13 at 23:04
Yeah, that was my question more or less: How do I change this code so all the alternatives for completion is shown in the minibuffer (with ido support) instead of a interactive buffer. I have not written the code above it is from the Distel package, and to be frank my elisp knowledge is not enough so that I can wrap my head around this function. –  SpaceOgre Jun 19 '13 at 7:29
Oh, so I think what you want is something like icomplete-mode but for "in-buffer" completion. I.e. the completion itself does not take place in a minibuffer but the list of completion candidates is displayed in the echo-area (and auto-updated as you edit the text to complete) rather than in *Completions*. Making icomplete-mode work with completion-at-point-function is still on my todo list, tho. –  Stefan Jun 19 '13 at 18:57
Yes that is it! When I'm coding and want to try and complete a function, I don't want the alternatives in a new buffer but some place so that I can either choose among the alternatives right away or type some more to narrow it down. –  SpaceOgre Jun 20 '13 at 7:44
If the major mode provides a completion-at-point-function, then company-mode can show you the candidates in a "popup list" (dynamically updated as you type) rather than in a separate buffer. –  Stefan Jun 20 '13 at 13:49

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The company-mode suggested by Stefan did what I wanted so no rewrite needed.

Thank you for you help and time Stefan!

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Incidentally: M-x ibuffer. You wrote "ibuffer" twice in the question, but surely you meant something different? I've never encountered the term in any other context. –  phils Jun 27 '13 at 22:51

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