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I have an SSH config like the one below, which works great for:

ssh b21
ssh 23
ssh s267

Example .ssh/config (hostname passed is slotted in at %h):

host s*
    HostName atrcu%h.example.com
    User example
    Port 22
host b*
    HostName atrcx%h.example.com
    User example
    Port 22
host ??*
    HostName atvts%h.example.com
    User example
    Port 2205

but I'd like to include the username in the host:

ssh b21ex

which would ssh to:


but instead will:


is their any way to cut/modify %h as it's passed and perhaps have the connection match more patterns to get a username along the way?

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I think you will have to create separate HostName/User entries for each possible abbreviation match. You could then use %r to access separate identity files for each user. This would allow you to skip using user@host for login at the expense of creating a more complex configuration file.

You might have better luck writing a script or shell alias that unmunges your abbreviations and hands them to ssh ready to go.

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