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Here's my issue. I added a picture into the Header Panel and the I wanted to change the height the Panel.

I did all of this via my CSS File :

.x-panel-header-default {
   background-image: url('../image/wall.png') !important;
   height: 100px;

It works but then the grid doesn't scale automatically, it results with the Header Panel going over the cells of my grids, like this

Panel Header
Panel Header
Grid Header   <- hiding the panel header
Panel Header  <- hiding the grid cells
Grid Cells
Grid Cells

I hope I was clearest as possible :) Thanks by advance :)

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For a background image re-sizing, you can use background-size property. However, this is not supported by IE7/8. For managing the height of the panel, you can use % values or set @media queries.

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Thanks for fast answer but I don't want to resize a picture, I want to resize the Panel Header without having it overlaying the grid columns. –  user2474622 Jun 18 '13 at 14:05

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