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How can I generate links that will provide me with Commission Junction payouts without grabbing the links from them directly?

I have the URL from the retailer - can I just plop something on the end to get the referrer? Or perhaps add some HTML header?

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The trick is to wrap that URL in the url= parameter on any CJ redirect domain along with your publisher id (PID) and any valid link ID for that advertiser.

What you need to construct is a URL that like this:





  1. Pick a CJ root domain to link on. www.anrdoezrs.net, www.tkqlhce.com or any others you've seen in links from advertisers will work.
  2. Find any generic link ID for the advertiser by logging into CJ and viewing the Links tab. A good link to use will be something that's not likely to be deleted, like their brand logo or product catalog.
  3. Take note of your Publisher PID
  4. URL-encode the actual destination you want to link to
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I recently found out that you can log into CJ and put a script onto your site which converts links to affiliate links whenever possible: https://www.cj.com/publisher/deep-link-automation

This is not to say that it's perfect... advertisers can opt out of deep link automation. (as it says on there)

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