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One of my site is on a shared hosting and every few days the site will stop working. The pages will simply stop loading.

After contacting my host they suggested that I disable/re-enable from their hosting management tool the windows services for my site every time this happens. In the list on their website I have: ASP, ASP.net and 2 other that I don't need. When I disable and than immediately re-enable the 2 asp services the site does start working again right away.

I'm under the impression that this is a probably due to a wrong configuration of the application pool my domain is using but they're refusing to give details. No automatic recycle maybe?

Beside changing host, do you have any suggestion about this problem? Do you believe it's an app pool setup issue like I do or do you have any other idea on what else could be causing this issue and/or ideas for a permanent solution?


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I think there is something wrong with your code. I once ran into a similar issue with my web host and found out later that the app was leaking memory due to some resources that were opened and never closed. I suggest you inspect the code a bit more.

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