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I'm using Infragistics' igGrid to handle data on my company's web application. We want to use the grid as an "editable grid" for user data interaction (add/edit/delete/view records).

The scenario I want to play out is for when the user inputs a valid item name into a one cell in a new row, the next cell automatically gets populated with the corresponding description of that item. So far I'm unable to make it update automatically.

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I believe that the official "Editing Combo Editor" sample will give you the answer you're looking for :)

As noted in its description, changing the "Product Name" column auto-fills the "Price" column. NB: You will need to select a "Category name" first though

There are 2 steps that you need to implement in order to get the desired outcome:

  1. Hook to the igCombo's "Selection Changed" event in the context of the igGrid, since igCombo instances will be children to the igGrid's DOM:

    $(document).delegate("#grid1", "iggridrendered", function (evt, ui) {
    var updating = $("#grid1").data("igGridUpdating");
    var editor = updating.editorForKey("ProductID");
    if (editor) {
        $(document).delegate("#comboProductID", "igcomboselectionchanged", comboSelectionChanged);
    else {
        var colSettings = updating.options.columnSettings;
        colSettings[2].editorOptions.selectionChanged = comboSelectionChanged;
  2. Write up an event handler that will update the editor field for the desired column (Price in this case):

    function comboSelectionChanged(evt, ui) { var items = ui.items || []; if (items.length === 1) { var item = items[0]; var editor = $("#grid1").igGridUpdating("editorForKey", "Price"); $(editor).igEditor("value", products[item.index].Price); } }

The steps are taken from the HTML code view of the Sample (just below the grid). If you want to have a better look at that code view snippet, I've placed it in a stand-alone JSFiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/BorislavTraykov/4uJBD/

If the solution doesn't work out for you, please elaborate some more on the scenario you are aiming to accomplish.

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