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I have a box with contenteditable=true which contains multiple css style (bold,italic, ...).

If i write near bold text, the new text will be written in bold too. Is there any way to know, with Javascript, which properties will be applied to the text?


Here is a small example with JFiddle:

If i write in or after the bold text, i'll write in bold, if i write in or after the no style text, i'll write without style.

I'd like to know the style of the text that will be written on key press.

$(document).keypress(function(event) { 
  // Find the style
  // If bold will be written alert "bold"
  // If italic will be written alert "italic"
  // else alert ""
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Post your HTML along with the corresponding CSS and describe somewhat more exactly, what you want to achieve, please. – kleinfreund Jun 18 '13 at 14:04
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You can find if a particular command is currently enabled for a target using queryCommandState, which will return the boolean for the command of the current state of the target.

  // The target (cursor) is currently bold

You can find the commands available in a contenteditable on MDN at

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That's exactly what i needed, thanks a lot. – elnabo Jun 18 '13 at 14:41

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