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I've got YUI set up and working. I've created a custom button and it shows up fine. What I would like that button to do is wrap selected text with my own custom 'span' tags, just like clicking the 'bold' button wraps selected text with 'strong' / 'bold' tags.

Does anyone have any examples they could point to to make this work?

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Discovered the solution for myself, so I'm posting so others may see as well. :)

First, a BIG thanks to MK_Dev for inspiration from his similar question asked back in April. Here is the all the code that's needed for my problem (above):

this.toolbar.on('mycustombuttonClick', function() {
		var sSelection = this._getSelection();
		var sNewElt = '<span class="testhere">' + sSelection + '</span>';
		this.execCommand('inserthtml', sNewElt);
		return false;
	}, this, true);

Note that this assumes that the button that's inserting the html is on the toolbar.

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This doesn't appear to work correctly in IE8 - where sSelection is an object and not text, resulting in <span class="testhere">[sSelection object]</span> Trying to find a solution to this. –  David Smith Feb 15 '11 at 21:22
BigDave - what version of YUI are you using? –  Joshua Feb 17 '11 at 18:39

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