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I'm trying to read from a NFC tag using following code:

    private void SubscribeToNFCMessage()
        device.SubscribeForMessage("NDEF", (s, e) =>
                DataReader reader = DataReader.FromBuffer(e.Data);
                string str = reader.ReadString(reader.UnconsumedBufferLength);

When tapping the phone with the card the MessageReceivedHandler is executed. However, it throws a System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception when calling reader.ReadString(reader.UnconsumedBufferLength);

e.Data.Length value is 12, so is the value of reader.UnconsumedBufferLength

How should I read the data from the tag?

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A NDEF message consists of several parts. Some parts of it might contain a string. But it cannot be directly converted into a string. So the error message is no surprise.

As decoding a NDEF message isn't trivial, I recommend using a library for it such as NDEF Library for Proximity APIs (NFC)..

Examples how to use the library can be found directly on their home page.

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