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Suppose i have the following data in csv format :

Time Total Allocated Deallocated 0.00004 0 16 0 0.000516 16 31 0 0.046274 47 4100 0 0.047036 4147 0 31 0.047602 4116 35 0 0.214296 4151 4100 0 0.215109 8251 0 35

i am looking for some kind of software that will allow me to make a line chart of it ( where time column will be the X axis) , i used excel for now , but i am looking for something else,that will allow me to see in greater details .

Any ideas ?

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Use Datawrapper. It's very easy and you can publish it on the web or export it to a PNG file.

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Hi , my data set is big , around 9000 rows, its to slow for my needs . :\ – Fluffy Jun 18 '13 at 16:36

You can also use R. Here is an example of code to generate a time series plot :

df <- data.frame(date = seq(as.Date("2012-01-01"),as.Date("2012-12-01"), by = "month"), x = rnorm(12))
ggplot(df, aes(x=date, y = x)) + geom_line() + theme_bw()
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This is an old question but still: is also a good site for that kind of stuff.

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