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I have a c#/mvc4 app that I've deployed a few places now. At one location I'm experiencing extremely slow response times to log in. The site comes up initially really fast and once logged in everything is fast. It's just the authentication portion that seems really slow. It's definitely not a load issue in that I'm the only one hitting the site right now.

Update: If I use the wrong password or user name the site immediately comes back with a response. So it appears that it's making the auth but something else is very slow, perhaps caching the connection...?

I'm using basic auth with SSL for compatibility with all devices.

I tried setting up the domain in the basic authentication configuration just in case it was having a hard time.

I'm not seeing anything odd in my site logs nor am I receiving any error messages. Other sites I deployed this at have no speed issues like this. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on or how I can troubleshoot this?

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