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I am writing jmeter scripts for my web-based application. I am using firefox-firebug to watch POST request parameters. I could successfully write login page scripts because it had only "username" and "password" parameters.

But, after logging into the web application, I realized that, there are randomly generated required parameters which are sent along with the post request.

So, I am trying to find out the way to deal with these parameters.
Please let me know, if you have dealt with this situation.

Example: These are my post request parameters:


Where **013f57c77c2a%3A6eed%3A1b320be7** parameter and it's value are generated differently each time.
I don't know how to define this parameter.

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I found an answer. You can use List Extractor(Regular Expression Extractor). You can define any pattern as per your criteria. for example regex patter is : input type="hidden" name="([^"]+?)" value="([^"]+?)"

Step2) Use Beanshell pre processor with this script.


             count =  Integer.valueOf (vars.getObject("hiddenList_matchNr") ) ;

            log.info("Number of hidden fields in previous sampler: " + count);

            for (i=1; i <= count; i++) { 
                paramName = vars.getObject("hiddenList_"+ i + "_g1");
                paramVal = vars.getObject("hiddenList_"+ i + "_g2");  
                log.info("Adding request parameter: " + paramName + " = " + paramVal);
                sampler.addArgument(paramName, paramVal);

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