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How do I force the Visual Studio compiler to generate an error when a required method is not being called in the constructor of a child class? Like when you edit the form designer code, the compiler complains when InitializeComponent()isn't the first call in the constructor of a form.

Is this even possible in VB.NET?

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Why not call that required method in the parent class's constructor?

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I didn't even think about that. It solves my problem for now, but I need to find a way to avoid duplicate calls to the method I'm requiring. Thanks for the help. :) – Heather Nov 11 '09 at 19:37

I don't know VB but maybe you can set a Boolean in the class, set it to true when the method is call and throw an exception if it's false. Just an idea.

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I may have to do something like that to avoid duplicate calls to the method I am requiring, but I've solved my problem of the now a different way. Thanks for the input! – Heather Nov 11 '09 at 19:39

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