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I have an Item model:

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
define_index do
  has deleted_at
  indexes deleted_at

Then I stop the server, run rake ts:rebuild && rake ts:reindex && rake ts:restart, restart the server. And I still get the error.

The query that triggers the error is this:

Item.search({conditions:  {deleted_at: nil}})

What's wrong ?

Note: I am using acts_as_paranoid. My database is migrated, the table items has the column deleted_at.

Somewhere in schema.rb:

create_table "items", :force => true do |t|
  t.datetime "deleted_at"
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There's a couple of related issues here:

  • You've got an attribute and a field with the same name (deleted_at) - you should alias one to have a different name using the :as option. Otherwise, Sphinx gets confused when reading the generated SQL data.
  • You've got a date column as a field, when it almost certainly isn't required - do you want users searching by deleted_at, or is it purely something for you to manage internally? I'm guessing the latter. So, remove the indexes deleted_at line.
  • You're setting a field condition in your search call when it should really be an attribute filter - which is done using the :with option.
  • Sphinx has no concept of nil, but should translate NULL values from the database into zeros.

So, with all that in mind, your index definition should rather be:

define_index do
  # ...

  has deleted_at

Run rake ts:rebuild to ensure Sphinx is aware of the changes and your index files are updated.

Then your search call is:

Item.search with: {deleted_at: 0}
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