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I have a spring mvc Web service like this:

public class helloWs {
    @RequestMapping(value= "/getObj",  method = RequestMethod.GET)
        User prueba(@RequestBody User user) {
        return user;

The jquery call to this Web service is in a html file wich contains the function:

function hellowsfunction() {
    type: "GET",

    dataType: "jsonp",

    success: function(msg) {
    $('#lblResult').html('<p> Name: ' + msg.name + '</p>');
     $('#lblResult').append('<p>email : ' + msg.email+ '</p>');
     $('#lblResult').append('<p> deleted: ' + msg.setDeleted+ '</p>');
        alert('Success: ' + response);

  error: function (e) { 


And the result should be in a div like this.

<div id ="lblResult" style="color:blue;">result   here</div>

The web service is ok, but it seems that Jquery doesn't read the json obectj: This is a user object that web service returns on the browser.


But my javascript console show me this error all the time, and I don't know what is wrong.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :

In line 1 of the response.

What's wrong?


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What you're returning is JSON, not JSONP.

JSONP is JSON with padding, that is, you put a string at the beginning and a pair of parenthesis around it. For example:



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