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Is there a Racket/Scheme equivalent of ualarm?

i.e. how can one set a system timer in Racket?

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If you want some action to occur asynchronously after time-to-wait milliseconds, you can use alarm-evt, like this:

 (lambda ()
   (sync (alarm-evt (+ (current-inexact-milliseconds) time-to-wait)))
   .... do something here ....))

Depending on what you're doing, Óscar's answer (timer%) may be more convenient, though.

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Not exactly like ualarm (this is not a system call!), but perhaps you can use timer% to do what you intend:

A timer% object encapsulates an event-based alarm. To use a timer, either instantiate it with a timer-callback thunk to perform the alarm-based action, or derive a new class and override the notify method to perform the alarm-based action. Start a timer with start and stop it with stop. Supplying an initial interval (in milliseconds) when creating a timer also starts the timer.

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