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I am trying to match a set of data but not if it contains certain strings in the query:

The strings that I do not want to allow are


But I do want to match everything else



I have this regex to exclude the first part /hd/(?!864)(?!805)(?!999)[0-9]+

But I cannot get it to catch if the string contains debugUser

I have tried /hd/(?!864)(?!805)(?!999)[0-9]+\??(?!\?debugUser.*).*

But that still includes the url

Does anyone have ideas?

This regular expression will be used with google analytics.

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Im not familiar with google analytics, but is the 805, 864, 999, 123 and other number constant? IE Will you ever get a 421? –  David Grinberg Jun 18 '13 at 15:39
I want the url to match if it contains anything but those I have pages line /hd/123.* that I want to be included but if it starts out with /hd/999 etc not to be. The first string I have excludes thoese from matching but I cant get it to exclude the string if it contains the debugUser in the url –  Shikoru Jun 18 '13 at 15:41

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What you could do is use this regex: /hd/(805|864|999|208|\?\?\?\?\?\?\?debugUser\?\?\?\?\?\?) to match to the ones you don't want, and if it matches then just ignore it. So your psuedo code will look like -

for(String url : urls){
    if(regex.matches(url) continue;
    //else do processing
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You can try this pattern to check a string or a line in multiline mode that contains only an uri:


or this to find the string you want inside a larger string:


for this one, don't forget to escape the quote (single or double) you use.

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