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I'm using iReport Pro version 5.0.0 and I built a report using High Chart Line. The query output below is used for this chart. The first column weekdayname ordered in ascending order.

WeekdayName s_expression    volume
Monday          Open            1
Monday          Click           0
Tuesday         Click           33
Tuesday         Open            70
Thursday    Open            1
Thursday    Click           0
Friday          Open            1
Friday          Click           0

But in High Chart x-Axis order goes alphabetically as:
Friday Monday Saturday Sunday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday;

I've tried to disable order for categories in High Chart using xAxis.Order.enabled = Boolean.FALSE in order to use query output order, but it doesn't work...

Is any chance to make an order for categories (x-Axis) same as in query?? Or I have to convert day names into actual dates like 05/10/2013 and then order will be taken from chart??

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I had faced a similar issue before. I used ORDER BY FIELD in my query(MYSQL) and it solved my problem. i.e, in your case

ORDER BY FIELD (WeekdayName,"Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday","Sunday")
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