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I want to create a program, which gets a video-file from Qt, converts that video file to TIFF-files and sends them to an algorithm which handles these TIFF-Files.
My questions:

  • is it possible with ffmpeg or avcodec not to convert a video-file to TIFF-files first on harddrive and send them to the algorithm after that, but to convert frame for frame and send it to the algorithm right away?
  • The more important question: Is it possible to do that not with an external process with ffmpeg.exe, but with ffmpeg.dll? Or is it only possible with avcodec.dll? (It doesn't have to be "on-the-fly" like at my point above) How can I create a ffmpeg.dll with header and lib?
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I'm no master with using words, but I'd change few things here. I'd guess that by algorithm you mean a program or script, by "not saving on hard-drive first" you meant "grabbing it as a variable on your script", which would be lot faster indeed, and finally by "not with an external process" you probably meant including it on your c++ program through a dll. So I'd also guess that you've solved all this by now. :) – Cawas Apr 9 '10 at 21:58

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Creating a tiff from second 29 in a mpeg, using ffmpeg dd201110 can be done like this:

ffmpeg -i 'test.mpg' -vframes 1 -compression_level 0  -ss 29 'test.tiff' 

YMMV :-D If you dont want to store the image as a file, take a look at ffmpeg-php

$movie->getFrame([Integer framenumber])

Returns a frame from the movie as an ffmpeg_frame object.


Returns a truecolor GD image of the frame.

There may be C code underneath you can reuse..

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