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I am trying to insert a "@" symbol at the beginning of a text field in android. I have specified that in the string resources file as

<string name="email_ext">@xyz.com</string>

But it throws a compiler error - "No resource type specified (at 'email_ext' with value '@xyz.com'). Is there a way to fix this? I have tried to set that using the setter, but I have different resource files for different languages. Thanks in advance.

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Add \

<string name="email_ext">\@xyz.com</string>
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This worked. Thanks! –  developeralways Jun 18 '13 at 16:05
Accept answer as correct, please. –  Dimmerg Jun 18 '13 at 16:07

Add a \ before that @

<string name="email_ext">\@xyz.com</string>

The reason is that an @ is the open symbol of any reference across Android resources. You could point to a color using @color/white, if you defined it. Because of this, the compiler tries to allocate a resource named xyz.com, but it actually has not a type defined (such as drawable, layout, id, string, etc). Hence the compiler error.

In fact, there is a cleaner version (found here):

<string name="email_ext">"@xyz.com"</string>

Using quotes looks less hacky

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I recommend you to use \uxxxx for special characters, this is the table of unicodes http://jrgraphix.net/research/unicode_blocks.php?block=0, in your case you can use \u0040 for @symbol something like this:

<string name="email_ext">\u0040xyz.com</string>


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