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I have this domain class that has a one-to-many relationship as with dynamic scaffolding show below:


package mienapp

class Announcements {
    String user
    String title
    String comments
    Date dateCreated

    static hasMany = [tag: Tags]

    static mapping = {  
       comments sqlType: 'text'

    static constraints = {


package mienapp
class AnnouncementsController {
  def scaffold = true
  def index() { 
     redirect(action: list)

When controller redirects to list, the table shows all fields defined in announcements class. How can I show the value of field from tags in the table as well?

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Assuming your list method returns a model with an Announcements instance as

def list() {
  [announcementsInstance: announcementsInstance, ...]

in your view, you can access tags like so

<g:each in="${announcementsInstance.tag}" var="tag">
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