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After following the documentation from Opscode on how to upload and apply a Role to a chef-client, I received the Updated Role Zabbix_Proxy_Standalone! from my terminal. Then I attempted to apply the role to a node using:

`$ knife node run_list add MyServer.net 'role[Zabbix_Proxy_Standalone]'

run_list: [recipe[roles]]`

Then when I ran chef-client on the target node, I received an error telling me that the cookbook roles did not exist on the server.

I also tried using single quotes around the role part of the statement, or taking out the underscore between run and list, still no dice. What am I doing wrong?

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I've seen this happen before however I'm not sure why it interprets the role as a recipe. As a workaround you can manually edit the JSON definition for the node:

knife node edit MyServer.net

You then need to change the run_list attribute:

  "run_list": [

Note: you will need to set the EDITOR environment variable to your favourite text editor for this to work.

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