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I have a congif file that I would like to use to override Backbone Marionette's default open method via a region.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is animate the way new regions are displayed. After reading this post, I know that it's possible to override, I'm just not to sure how to do it in a separate coffee script file.

I started off by simply trying to override the show method, but I can't even seem to get that to work:

do (Marionette) ->
    _.extend Marionette.Region,
    console.log "Extend Marionette called" ## This console.log is called so I know it's loading

        show: (view) ->
            console.log "Marionette extend Region Called" ## This console.log is not called when new regions are being displayed

So what I'm trying to do is extend the open method as show in this post. I'm just trying to put it in it's own separate config fig file. How do I override the open method for marionette's region in a separate config file?

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After reaching out to the #Marionette IRC Channel, I was able to get some help and solve this problem:

do (Marionette) ->
    _.extend Marionette.Region::,

        open: (view) ->

Simple as that.

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