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I am looking for a reference stating whether I need to redistribute the source code of my application if it links against a binary file that its source code released under GPL v2/3.

Thanks, Eden

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I found an interesting post on this:

Does the use of GPL'ed DLLs from the GnuWin32 project in your program need you to release your program under GPL too?

There seem to be two different strands of opinion. The FSF holds that dynamic linking creates a derivative work, and so any program designed to run with a GPL-ed DLL, must be GPL itself; see The only exception they make is for DLL's that come with the compiler and the kernel, such as the MS VC run-time DLL's; see On the other hand some OpenSource lawyers hold that dynamically linking does not make your program GPL. See and the discussion in There is no doubt that programs that link dynamically to DLL's from libraries with the LGPL or with the GPL with special provisions, are GPL free if you decide so.

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If you link to a GPL v2 dll and distribute that program, you will have to make your source code available as GPL v2/3.

See The paragraph at the bottom mentions LGPL if linking is allowed without having to make your code GPL-licensed and it also says:

This General Public License does not permit incorporating your program into proprietary programs

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