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I google a lot for finding how to secure file uploading in express js,at end I develop following code to do it.

                              keepExtensions: true, 
                              uploadDir: __dirname + '/faxFiles',
                              limit: '20mb'

as you see I can limit file size and set uploadDir in bodyParser,now I need to allow user to upload image and pdf only,the way I used is checkFile function which contains following code.

var fs = require('fs');
var checkFile = function(faxFile){
    if (faxFile.type != "image/jpeg" || faxFile.type != "application/pdf" || faxFile.type != "image/gif"){
        fs.unlink(faxFile.path, function(err){

but I think it's not best way,is there any alternative way to do it?such as set file extension in bodyParser constructor?

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You can use mmmagic for strictly checking the extensions. It is an async libmagic binding for node.js for detecting content types by data inspection.

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Express uses formidible (https://github.com/felixge/node-formidable) for parsing form data, including file uploads.

I don't see an option in formidible to restrict file types, so I'm suggesting Express likely wouldn't have one either.

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I created a little gist to show how to check the mime type using mmmagic while streaming the file:


This is more likely to function in a streaming environment like multiparty or busboy.

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