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I'm looking to swap the colon and semi-colon keys in Sublime Text 2 (using vintage mode). Ideally, I'm aiming to recreate the following vimscript behavior:

cnoremap ; :
nnoremap ; :
nnoremap : ;

However I've been searching the Sublime Text docs and have been unable to find the correct command to trigger the remapping of keys. Does such a command exist? What would be the most succinct way to express these commands?

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There probably isn't such a command. There isn't anything wrong with using those three lines you posted.

(If you don't know about it, though, you can use :helpgrep to search through the help docs.)

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You misunderstand – above are lines from my .vimrc that I'm looking to recreate in Sublime Text 2. I'll edit my post to make it more clear. – cjw Jun 18 '13 at 18:46

Add the following to Preferences -> Key Bindings -> User

  { "keys": [";"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"overlay": "command_palette", "text": ":"},
    "context": [{"key": "setting.command_mode"}]

  { "keys": [":"], "command": "set_repeat_move_to_character_motion",
    "context": [{"key": "setting.command_mode"}]

This will override the default values set in ./Packages/Vintage/Default.sublime-keymap. Hope this helps.

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