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Can anyone say if there is a complete/accessible API for the latest Azure bits that will allow the complete creation (not just scale out like Scale Windows Azure roles programmatically) of a 'worker role' application? Not building a web site or needing any SQL or table storage. I would like to build an EXE that will create the full container and allow the upload of DLL/config artifacts so the app will exist and start up.


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I'm not sure this completely solves your challenge, but... Take a look at these PowerShell cmdlets:

They will spin the scaffold code for your web and worker role, respectively, and optionally allow you to specify a template folder.

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The Operations on Hosted Services page should get you started. Specifically you'll want to Create a Hosted Service if you don't have it already, then Create a Deployment. You'll have to point to a deployment in blob storage that you've uploaded in order to create and then start the deployed instances.

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